Wardrobe Detox

"Life is too short to wear boring clothes."

I cannot emphasize the importance of having a Wardrobe Detox to determine a fresh, wearable wardrobe. The right wardrobe detox can actually make you feel like you had a mental detox. Over cluttered wardrobes can be such a challenge each time you have to dress or pull an outfit together. For the very same reason many people avoid or even hate dressing up.

It's true that most women wear a mere 20% of their clothing, 80% of the time. So, what's that other 80%? Clothes that are too tight for us, or too loose, some items still with tags attached, or out of fashion from like 5-7 years ago and we still hanging onto all this for some or the other reason or simply out of guilt.

Going through all the items in your wardrobe to find out what items are still working for you on every level and which are not. And, then make a list of items that you are still missing or knowing which item will fill in the gaps of your current wardrobe. What is your pattern of buying and how to break free from it. Finding out how to create new outfits from the items you already own and creating a mood book. How much to invest in a current trend or a certain trend to avoid altogether.

At the end “enjoy a curated and clutter free closet” that allows you to “get dressed with ease and clarity”.

Plus 2 complimentary Booklets (shown below) will be emailed after all the consultations are done.
“Colour Pyramid Booklet” to help you combine colors on your own easily in future.
“The Bra Booklet” to help you understand what kind of bra/fitting guidelines to follow on your own in future.

We will recommend names of charities to donate certain stuff to as well. If, you don’t already know what to do with the stuff that you will take out.

(this will include Color Analysis & Body Shape Analysis) / 4 hours.

Plus 2 weeks worth complimentary online support in case any additional questions you may have after our session. Only available through e-mail/wechat/whatsapp. Limited to 60 mins total time.

Pre-session Questionnaires / Consultation to understand needs of your lifestyle.

Book a 30 minutes Free Discovery Call to find out more and understand the package or get any questions answered. Or, shoot in a question to us via email/whatsapp/wechat.