Personal Styling Testimonials

Gurjit made an exception for me - a middle-aged male who wanted to give life an upgrade after years of neglecting himself. Gurjit has a passion to motivate her clients to better themselves - and feel happier about themselves - which is evident right from the first meeting. There was not one moment where I felt uncomfortable while she gently took me into her confidence, and persuaded me to share my life story. The processes she took me through to identify clothes that would suit me, a new hairstyle, ideas for skin and personal care - all spoke to her intense desire to help me make a better person of myself. Every meeting with her helped me to see a side of myself that I had not seen before - which was quite telling. If you’re looking for a fresh start to life and a newfound zest in yourself, I will not hesitate for one moment in recommending Gurjit to you!

Middle Aged Asian Male - Hong Kong (July 2020)

I know Gurjit from a long time since her career as a makeup artist. I knew she was fantastic at makeup/cosmetics as I took a lesson from her previously but she’s just as good being a style coach. Loved her coaching and together we worked on a lot and I feel like a renewed person inside out. Absolutely love the way I dress up now and I’m able to put colors together of outfits so easily and comfortably and I know what works right on my body now after understanding everything in details. Thank you for the wonderful coaching Gurjit.

Anita – Hong Kong

Gurjit is a wonderful personal styling coach, she’s done wonders to my wardrobe and style and now I know what colors and clothes works for me. I am not that same boring person I was all these years; I get so many compliments on my new way of dressing up. I feel incredible not only because I dress better now but also because I was able to address issues that I did not pay attention to earlier.

Venus – Kowloon, HK

My experience with Style Coach GURJIT K. NAHAL was 1 in a Million and one that I will never FORGET. Many years ago, I suffered from a very grave illness, which I fought through and restored myself back PHYSICALLY.  It took very long to restore my identity and self-esteem, which is naturally lost. But, Gurjit brought me out of it as I registered from her course “style coaching” is not about grooming oneself and styling by making u look good externally alone.  But, what about the underlying inner issues that are complicated and never released……..Gurjit worked on me physically and mentally getting me back to where I “lost myself completely”‘ it was the toughest phase of my life with consisted effort Gurjit worked on all my blind spots.  I feel so rejuvenated, confident and she’s made me look so GLAM.  I truly thank her as she is very consistent in her work and plays her role very professionally. This makeover taught me that how to make a difference in our lives & get ourselves back from inside out.  Shoba is finally backkkk…I thank u for your deep analysis and comprehending it really well.  I lost myself but I’m back now. 

Ms. Shobha Prem Moorjani – Hong Kong