Professional Personal Shopping

"Buy less, choose well & make it last."

- Vivienne Westwood

Efficient, organized and personalized shopping experience. Our goal here will be to find the right clothes & accessories (including the right shoes, bags and jewelry). All items will be pre-selected catering to your personal needs and requirements to ensure a stress free and fun shopping day.

It is often combined with the popular Wardrobe Detox Session for those wanting to buy everything necessary to create a perfect capsule wardrobe or buy some of the necessary missing pieces depending on your level of comfort or budget. This is also perfect for those wanting a special look for any special occasion or 2.

We will use all our color analysis, body shape analysis skills and lifestyle to make the right clothing choices.

This service caters to a wide range of shopping needs depending on what you want out of this. This can be for professional, personal, occasional or social needs. All shopping is done keeping your budget and comfort in consideration.

Plus 2 weeks worth complimentary online support in case any additional questions you may have after our session. Only available through e-mail/wechat/whatsapp. Limited to 60 mins total time.

Pre-session Questionnaires / Consultation to understand needs of your lifestyle.

Book a 30 minutes Free Discovery Call to find out more and understand the package or get any questions answered. Or, shoot in a question to us via email/whatsapp/wechat.