Men Styling / Grooming

"As you age, it's quite important to pay attention to how you look and to take steps towards ensuring that you stay happy with how you look. And grooming, whether you just use a moisturizer or go the whole hog at a salon, can make that much-needed difference."

- Saif Ali Khan

The way you dress communicates who you are to the world. So, present your best self to the world & yourself. Look your best & feel your best. Dressing well is a skill we can all learn & develop through practice. And, then it would just seem effortless. I help men learn how to choose clothes that enhance them & their personality. So, they can do it their own way and develop a style for themselves that they are comfortable with and find it easy to carry be it for professional or personal life.

Styling & Grooming comes hand in hand. A complete you are incomplete without either one of them.

Grooming to-dos for men. The quick way to get assistance with your appearance. You will get advice on hair care, hairstyle, facial hair, skincare suggestions, accessories and more. All based on your personal aesthetics, preferences and budget. It’s all about making you the whole package and feel comfortable in your own skin.

All packages shown in drop down menu applies to men & women. For any further queries, please feel free to get in touch.