Color Consultation

Colour can raise the dead.

- Iris Apfel

Color analysis is all about finding a beautiful palette of colors that will enhance your complexion, eye color, and hair color. During the Consultation we will help to give you a basic understanding of how color can change a nice outfit into one that is fantastic. The right colors can make you look more confident, attractive, younger, taller, slimmer, healthier, more self-assured and vibrant. Although color theory can be very scientific, the truth is that it also can be very simple. You will be able to identify & choose colors that works well for you & how to mix them to work well with colors that you like but are not your colors otherwise.

We would also like you to understand that the effect colors can have on you are not only physical appearance, but also on your emotional states. Wearing the right colors can help to create a happier, more empowered mood, but wearing colors that drag us down can have the opposite effect.

We will also discuss the colors of the season & current trend.

Plus a complimentary “Colour Pyramid Booklet” will be emailed after the consultation to help you combine colors on your own easily in future.