About Me

Fashions fade, style is eternal.

- Yves Saint Laurent

Gurjit K.Nahal (G) is an internationally certified Style Coach & Personal Shopper, who has been inspired by Makeup, Trend & Style her entire life. Like many teens, she spent hundreds of hours experimenting with different styles and reading fashion magazines. However, unlike her peers, her flair for all things Makeup & Fashion was not just a phase. Turns out, her extensive research prepared her well for the future. She is now the proud Owner & Founder of StyleYourselfAmazing, a Hong Kong-based Fashion & Styling Co-ordinating Business.

G is fortunate enough to have worked with various men & women from around the globe, including many Brides, Corporates, Models, Magazines, Private/Personal Clients, Bloggers and Bollywood Celebrities.

G applies her industry experience, passion and fashion sensibility towards helping men and women dress stylishly, shop intelligently and elevate their personal image. Making shopping & getting dressed easy, efficient & fun. Establishing a personalized style that’s in line with each client’s needs, personal & professional lifestyle and budget.

Today, thanks to StyleYourselfAmazing, G is bringing her enthusiasm and passion for beauty and styling to everyone. This is her passion & a dream to elevate and help amazing people (through her work) around the globe to become better versions of themselves, dress appropriately/stylishly and more confidently. Express themselves & shine through their own unique style personality and feel more happy, joyful, fulfilled & connected to themselves.

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I’d love to hear from you; whether you’re interested in booking any of my services, would like more information and a chat or would like to collaborate.