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Who is a Style Coach?

Style Coach is someone with all the technical knowledge of an image consultant, colour consultant, personal shopper, personal stylist. But, all this with a holistic approach.

We believe in the fundamental importance of nurturing individuals and empowering them to reach newfound levels of confidence and self-esteem and personal style.

An authentic Style Coach will help their client to connect with their true self, enabling the unique individual to shine through with confidence and self-acceptance. Recognizing that the inner-self and the outer-self are inexplicably linked and powerfully affect each other.

Style coaching is about the whole you, on every level! It’s about awareness and appreciation of who you are as well as how you feel about yourself (your inner and outer confidence levels). The aim is that we become effortlessly stylish and comfortable in our own skin. The Process of a person’s new image doesn’t have to be complicated/overwhelming or expensive. We will work with a client to discover who they really are and how they can express themselves, enhancing their individuality and personality.


How a Style Coach Works?

Style Coaches work with a client not only on the image they see in the mirror but on the image they see in their mind’s eye too (their internal self-image). It should never be “one size fit all” approach. We help a client to develop his or her own personal and unique style that suits their lifestyle needs, and who they are as a person. This naturally boosts their self-confidence & self-worth.

In terms of successful dressing, we can work on a lot together with the client! For instance, one of the most important things is to identify a client’s body shape. When the work of a Style Coach is finished, the client will never look at clothes the same way again! We assist our clients as to how they can shop for clothes, to start looking closely at the cuts, styles, tailoring, colors and fabrics that will enhance their appearance most. All-in-all gaining a timeless life skill.

Client will gain various shopping, dressing, organizing, grooming and styling skills. The process is foremost a really friendly, light-hearted, fun experience.

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Things that we will work on :-

  • Clothes and styles that enhances you
  • Color Consultation
  • Hair, skin, make-up and overall personal grooming
  • Discovering and developing a new image/personal brand
  • Professional wardrobe planning and de-cluttering
  • Professional personal shopping
  • Analysis of Body Shape, Color Season, and Style Personality
  • Secrets of looking and feeling more youthful
  • Goal setting & action planning

I’d love to hear from you; whether you’re interested in booking any of my services, would like more information and a chat or would like to collaborate.


Services Include :-

Personal Styling | Personal Shopping | Wardrobe Analysis/Decluttering | Bridal & Prom Styling | Corporate Image Consulting | Workplace Styling | Online Styling | Make-up Artist | Consolidate Shoots for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs |